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The "Vulnerable" Series

I took these self-portraits in self-isolation during the Covid-19 epidemic 2020. I wanted to deliver a sense of despair and the feeling of being very vulnerable in this portrait series. I had never shown any of these emotions before in my images and therefore letting everything out in front of the camera, was a very relieving and therapeutic experience.

The lack of clothing, therefore removing all layers of protection, contributes to this vulnerable sensation as imperfections which are normally hid, come forward. These include scars, chest hair, my rather unmuscular arms and my pointy shoulders.

Furthermore, through the monochrome nature of the images, I wanted to create a melancholic mood. This lack of colour is also creating a minimalistic and simplistic setting, therefore clearly establishing the me as the subject of the photographs.

The rather small contrast between my skin and the background was intentional. I wanted my hair and eyes to be the only subjects to really break through the grey rest of the image.  

Vulnerable No.1
Vulnerable No. 2
Vulnerable No. 3
Vulnerable No. 4.jpg
Vulnerable No. 5
Vulnerable No. 6
Vulnerable No. 7
Vulnerable No. 8
Vulnerable No. 9
Vulnerable No. 10
Vulnerable No. 11

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